Importance Of Baby Shower

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Importance Of Baby Shower

When a baby is about to born, a baby shower is thrown for the pregnant mother to celebrate and welcome the child the will be coming in this world. The main objective is to show the mother support and give advice about the beautiful but difficult journey ahead. Baby shower presents are also given either for the mother or the baby to make her feel special and important. The whole family and friends circle in involved in the celebration. Baby showers can be hosted by anyone form relatives to parents, colleagues or friends and even the in laws of the pregnant mother.

Earlier, baby showers were hosted by the church as a formal affair but these days it is a much more fun and relaxed event where people participate in different games and have great time. It helps the soon to be mother feel relaxed and less anxious about the upcoming birth. They are usually not held in the first trimester of pregnancy as it is traditional believed that news about the pregnancy should not be spread so close to the time of conception to prevent any evil eye. Also, the women are also going through a lot of changes in the first few moths such as morning sickness and will feel uncomfortable at any event. You should always consult with the mother when planning it. And generally, it is held a month or six weeks before the due date. The best place to host the event is at the house of the mother or at someone’s house where she is very comfortable. She should not be made to travel too much as this can cause stress.

The gifts for baby shower is to give things that are required by the baby after they are born. This reduces the financial stress on the parents and they will feel very grateful towards you. Gifts such as a relaxing massage or a manicure and pedicure can also be given to the mother so that she can relax.

Some people also choose to give mixture of both for example a gifts for girls set that includes pamper set as well as clothing for the baby. The food served at the party should be healthy and as a consideration for the mother, no alcohol should be served as well.

The mother should also be provided with periods of rest to avoid any discomfort. Many expectant mothers feel as if they are burdening their families and friends by having them host the baby shower but that is not the case as people are willing to show their love and support for her on this occasion. The main purpose is to make the woman feel special and cherished that she has so many people looking out for her. Depression may occur in pregnancy due to the change in hormones and this is event is a great way to cheer her up. Some mothers may not have the money to prepare fully for their babies and aby shower presents can help rectify that by providing the essential things needed for the baby.

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